How to Activate Soundcloud On Xbox, ROKU, Apple TV – [] is a popular music streaming service among both users and songwriters.People love having it on their computers, cellphones, televisions, and even Xbox devices.

The makers included the SoundCloud app’s pair device functionality, which allows the user to listen to music on several devices, to make things more interesting for customers.

It is important to enable the Soundcloud app on Roku or other media players without paying an additional fee by using the activation code. connects the Roku player and the Soundcloud account using a specific Soundcloud activation code, while the Soundcloud user login into their account to please review and confirm the unlock code.

Other platforms, in addition to Soundcloud, provide activation codes to connect users’ accounts to streaming media devices such as Roku TV or Roku Stick, Firestick, Smart TVs such as Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, and others, as well as Amazon Fire TV.

How Do You Make a Account?

Before proceeding to SoundCloud Activate. You must have a SoundCloud account, if you do not already have one. Follow the steps below to create an account.

STEP 1# First, go to Soundcloud’s official website or app.

STEP 2# Navigate to the Create Account button at the top of your page.

STEP 3# To create your account, a box will appear on the screen, and you must select one of the alternatives.

STEP 4# Make sure the login for your account is safe.

STEP 5# To proceed to the next level, click the “Accept & Continue” button now.

STEP 6# For additional details, see How to Stream Cartoon Network on Apple TV or Android TV.

STEP 7# Enter your age and gender in the appropriate sections.

STEP 8# From the menu, select “Continue.”

STEP 9# You may now add a profile photo and choose a display name.

How Do I Activate SoundCloud on My Phone?

STEP 1# First, tap the icon to launch the Iphone App or Google Play (Make sure your device must have an internet connection).

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STEP 2# Type “SoundCloud” into the search icon’s blank field (the magnifying glass).

STEP 3# When the SoundCloud app shows in your search results, select it.

STEP 4# Once all of the prerequisites have been met, click the add button.

STEP 5# Download it and then launch the SoundCloud app.

STEP 6# You must input your account credentials to proceed to the next level.

STEP 7# When you log in, a licence key will appear on your screen.

STEP 8# Open any browser and navigate to the link.

STEP 9# Sign in using the same account you used to install the SoundCloud app earlier (If asked).

STEP 10# Enter your activation code in the relevant field. In a couple of seconds, your redoes will be validated.

STEP 11# After verification, you may access SoundCloud on your portable devices.

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How to Enable SoundCloud on Xbox One?

STEP 1# Your Xbox One device must have an internet connection.

STEP 2# Right now, go to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One.

STEP 3# Enter “SoundCloud” into the search area using the on-screen keyboard.

STEP 4# Look for the official SoundCloud and click it.

STEP 5# You will now be taken to the SoundCloud app website, where you must click the Get button to download the program on your Xbox One.

STEP 6# After installation, launch the SoundCloud app.

STEP 7# Sign in with your account credentials to obtain an unlock code on your TV screen.

STEP 8# Open a separate browser and navigate to the link.

STEP 9# An activation code must be input in the corresponding field. Simply enter the visible code into the blank spot.

STEP 10# The activation process takes a few seconds.

How to Enable SoundCloud on Smart Tv?

STEP 1# Launch the App Store from the home screen.

STEP 2# Enter “SoundCloud” into the search area using a virtual keyboard.

STEP 3# When the Soundcloud app appears on your list of choices, select it.

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STEP 4# The setup will begin in a couple of seconds once you click on the install button.

STEP 5# Once completed, open the SoundCloud app.

STEP 6# Just follow the on-screen instructions to have an activation code show on your TV screen. Make a mental note of it.

STEP 7# On your smartphone or computer, open any browser and navigate to to finish the activation procedure.

STEP 8# Log in with the same account as before (If asked).

STEP 9# Enter the activation code in the relevant slots.

STEP 10# Your registration will be completed shortly.

How to Enable SoundCloud on Android TV?

STEP 1# Before you can switch on your Android TV, it must be connected to the internet.

STEP 2# Launch the Play Store from the home screen.

STEP 3# Type “SoundCloud” into the search box.

STEP 4# From the list of suggestions, select the official SoundCloud app.

STEP 5# After that, you’ll get to the SoundCloud page.

STEP 6# From the menu, choose “Install.”

STEP 7# Once the installation is complete, launch the Soundcloud app.

STEP 8# After logging in with your Soundcloud account, an activation code will show on your TV screen. Try copying that code to quit your window at that moment.

STEP 9# On a different device, type into the URL area.

STEP 10# Log in using the same account you used to view Soundcloud.

STEP 11# Enter the same unlock code that was supplied in the relevant field.

STEP 12# Eventually, your device will switch on by itself.

How Do I Get SoundCloud on Roku?

Please keep in mind that the Soundcloud app is not currently available for Roku devices. However, you may still explore SoundCloud’s music and library collections. The Musiclouds channel on its app includes Soundcloud.

In addition to Soundcloud, you may listen to songs on Jamendo and

STEP 1# When you hit the home key on your Roku remote, the menu option will show on your screen.

STEP 2# From the menu, select “search.”

STEP 3# In the blank field, type “Musiclouds” using the on-screen keyboard.