How to Activate STARZ App With Simple Steps? Activate, like all other internet streaming providers, is an elevated subscription and cable TV network. It is owned by Lionsgate.

It was created in response to the HBO and ShowTime streaming platforms, which provided extra features at reasonable prices.

Starz has a streaming app as well as a traditional on-demand subscription channel.

Through this fantastic software, channel members and streaming-only users may access the whole app. To enjoy the thrill and thrills, sign up for a subscription at

Another advantage of Starz is the large selection of TV shows, movies, and unique apps available.

What is Activate & How to Actiavte Starz? Activate is an American luxury satellite and cable tv station owned by Lions Gate Media and the major asset of family Starz Inc.

It is also available as a separate streaming service, similar to Netflix.

A STARZ subscription costs $8.99 per month.

Fortunately, new customers are entitled to an eight free trial.

So, before committing to a monthly charge, you may try out the service.

You can cancel at any time during the 7-day trial period to avoid paying monthly.

How Do I Get Activate On My Smart TV?

  • After attaching the Smart TV, go to the app store.
  • Participate in it online.
  • Enter “Starz” on the App Store.
  • Download Starz on your Smart TV.
  • Once downloaded, input the following login information: a username as well as a password
  • Your activation code (Starz activate code) is now shown on your television screen.
  • Switch to a different device and launch the browser (Laptop or mobile)
  • Access the website using a different device.
  • Enter the code that appears on the TV.
  • You may now access your Starz login by clicking the submit button.
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After you’ve created an account, you may add the Starz stream or app like most devices.

You may broadcast to up to four devices at once. As a result, watching Starz on any device is not difficult.

After that, log in to the Starz app with your account credentials and activate Starz on your choice device by clicking

And now you’re prepared.

There are apps for the Apple TV, Ps4 (discontinued), Xbox, the bulk of Smart TVs and Roku devices, and all smartphones.

Starz is one of the most popular applications for watching TV series.

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How Do I Get Activate On Roku?

  • Navigate to the Channel Store on Roku.
  • Include a link to the STARZ app or stream.
  • Activate the STARZ stream or app.
  • Your email and password are required for STARZ app login.
  • Alternatively, log in with your TV provider’s information.
  • Then, using a web browser, go to
  • Enter the STARZ unlock code in the box and on the Roku TV screen.

How Do I Access Starz Through

To activate using, go to Typing http registration login takes you to a login page as well.

  • To activate Starz, visit the website and select the “free for a week” option.
  • To get started, click the “Sign Up” button.
  • Provide the relevant information and contact information.
  • Examine the information.
  • Select the package
  • Create a username and password.
  • To make an account, click the ‘Create’ button.
  • Return to the page http and input your username and password to access your account.

Turn on Starz on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick.

  • Starz Play may be accessed via FireTV, Firestick, and Amazon using this method.
  • Let’s go over them one by one.
  • Go to the home screen of your Amazon device and open the Iphone App first.
  • Locate the Starz app on your phone and download and install it.
  • then launch the app on the smartphone
  • To access the Starz App, provide the correct login information.
  • The Starz licence key may appear on your screen.
  • Go to “” and input the activation code to enrol in the Starz service.
  • That’s all; your Amazon device now has access to Starz.
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Turn on on Apple TV.

  • First, navigate to the Apple TV main screen.
  • Now open the Smart Tv App Store.
  • Here In the App Store, look for and download the Starz app.
  • Now, open the Starz application on your Apple TV.
  • Next, input your Starz App login information.
  • The Starz licence key may appear on your screen.
  • Go to “” and input the activation code to join the Starz service.
  • That’s all; your Apple gadget can now watch Starz.

How Do I Get Starz On Android & Apple?

  • Install Starz Play simply going to the play store from your home screen.
  • Open the app and sign in using your Starz bank details
  • Launch the login page from any other device.
  • Insert the code and click “Submit.”
  • To view the shows, you can use any Iphone or iOS app.

How to Enable activate on Chromecast

The Chromecast approach is pretty unique in contrast to other devices. These measures will resolve our problem.

  • After installing the app on your phone, launch it.
  • To access the account, enter the Starz Play bank details.
  • Touch the cast sign in the upper right corner.
  • Choose a Google device from the list.
  • When you click the “Cast” button, Starz will be cast on your Chromecast-enabled television.

You may now stream your favourite show on TV. Remember to connect your phone and stream devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Turn on Starz on your Samsung Smart TV

Beginning a program on a Hyundai tv Box is quite comparable to beginning a show on other devices. Follow these steps to watch Starz on a big screen.

  • Turn on your tv Box and go to the Google Play store to install the Starz Play app.
  • Then, using your Starz account information, log in to your account.
  • Using any other device, navigate to
  • Fill out the code inside the box on the screen.
  • To register the gadget, click ‘Submit.’